Cavitation Transmutation: Take This Viral!

Former Lockheed Scientist Claims he Created a Diamond out of Ordinary Water

By: David Zweig

May 16, 2012 (Updates at end of article)

Ever thought about conducting a futuristic energy experiment in your garage? What if the unthinkable happens– a serious release of radiation occurs which you report to local, state, and federal authorities? You will likely be ignored.

Consider the desktop supernova device claimed to have been invented by Mark LeClair, a former Lockheed scientist, and his company, NanoSpire.

On August 25, 2009, LeClair was experimenting with cavitation, and unexpectedly created a desktop supernova releasing serious radiation. LeClair wrote: “I was sickened, along with Serge, in two separate experiments. We barely survived the first set of experiments, this is no laughing matter. The day after the experiment, Serge showed symptoms first, vomiting and diarrhea. A day later, I was in the same boat. For two days, we both had to fight to breath, I was convinced I was going to die. My wife and children witnessed both of our symptoms, Serge stayed with us for months before he was well enough to return home to Cleveland. I lost about one third of my hair. I had beta burn on my skin. I was sore down the entire length of the right side of my body, the side facing the experiment. Blood tests showed that my white blood cells were nearly wiped out. McMaster University did SKYradiation dosimetry on us gratis, and found multiple chromosome breaks and translocations in both of us and concluded it was plausible it was caused by radiation damage. For five months, we had no ability to thermoregulate our body temperature, which would swing from 95 degrees up to 101 degrees, back and forth over the course of minutes. I had to cal 911 when Serge passed out from a 95 degree body temperature. The first responders did not even dare to enter the lab to carry him out. Over the course of months, we both lost the linings of our intestines. This was particularly disturbing since GI problems associated with radiation are the sign of a near fatal dose. Every object within two meters of the experiment was laced with nuclear tracks.

LeClair continued: "The experiment triggered massive transmutation of the elements, conformed [sic] by extensive SEM-EDAX, XPS and LA-ICP-MS mass spec. Ninety different elements were detected in large amounts (grams)". He said that when examining the elements for radiation, "the radiation hazmat team did find radioisotopes, but tried to pass it off as 'naturally occurring'". Not a word otherwise from authorities, and no coverage at all from mainstream media. This, even with the Vehicle Registration office being located only 500 feet from LeClair’s lab.

HELLO… does anyone see a problem if this new technology ends up in the wrong hands?

Again, not a word from mainstream media or from authorities.

NanoSpire claims its device will help solve the world’s energy needs (using a form of hot fusion) and resource needs (from transmutation of elements). Sure, I have my doubts and questions and have been quite vocal about them. For example, Mark claims that LENR devices are actually using his hot fusion method, with similar radiation discharges to that which his device has. But scientists in the field disagree, including Dr. Edmond Storms, who wrote this to Mark:

I looked up cavitation to see what might be going on. Watch this short YouTube video: When water bubbles pop they create tiny bursts of energy that can be as hot as twice the temperature of the surface of the sun. At about two minutes into this video it mentions using a laser gun to create high speed bubble gas. However, LeClair's earliest 1996 patent mentions "a high-shear cavitating rotor-stator mixing/pumping device". In essence, LeClair is using ordinary water, a reactor core of coiled perforated aluminium plate, and either a rotor or a laser gun to generate cavitation bubbles.

Now, here's another short YouTube video showing how all the elements in the universe started out as hydrogen. We see that hydrogen atoms collided and combined to eventually form all the elements. LeClair claims his process creates water bubbles that pop turning ordinary water into a crystalline form that race initially at supersonic (or greater) speeds, as the crystal is attracted to its own bow shock (the bow shock is a wave that is traveling just ahead of the nose of the racing crystal). Very quickly the speed of the crystal accelerates approaching the speed of light. All of this takes place on a desktop over a very short distance. The crystal then transmutates into other elements as it bulldozes past its own bow shock. Millimeter-sized pits from the apparent triggering of small supernova explosions then appear throughout the aluminum core. According to LeClair: "This discovery will have a major effect on stellar evolution astronomy, allowing stellar nucleosynthesis, stellar core collapse nucleosynthesis and supernova nucleosynthesis to all be studied on a desktop".
The radiation discharge issue for NanoSpire’s supernova device (which is almost a non-issue for LENR devices) can be easily solved. Mark stated “all of our future tests will be in a hot cell.” I’m sure NanoSpire will do a good job shielding future testing. And as Mark has stated, the final product is not intended for household use.

What makes the NanoSpire story so exciting today, is that Mark has posted stunning pictures of some of the elements that were transmuted out of ordinary water (including a piece of transmuted diamond the size of a postage stamp), a dish that originally held some transmuted elements that is etched with nuclear tracks, actual pictures of the device, and copies of lab reports from the testing of samples. (See the comments section at the end of the linked PESN article)

Mainstream media has ignored this story since it first came out and is still ignoring it today!

It is true that the validity of the story as to how the samples came about has not been proven. How about a reality show including interviews with lab technicians, scientists, medical personnel, and others who were involved with the stories? The series could culminate with a live demonstration. A well known skeptic could be asked to choose five scientists as observers. A $1 million prize could be awarded to the inventor, if a threshold amount of new elements are created, and excess energy created exceeds a certain ratio. This type of show would be a commercial success whether or not validity was proven (even with the media providing full funding); an important consideration in an area of investment where total loss is the norm.

But first we need to break the media blackout…

I suppose an inventor could take his transmuted diamond sample (together with the sample testing studies) to the front office of a major media network in downtown Manhattan, place the diamond on the front desk, insist that his story be covered, and refuse to leave if he continues to be ignored. If security is called, he might tell them to go ahead and arrest him since then the world will finally get to see his other-worldly, postage stamp sized diamond.

How’s this for an email campaign: “Mark LeClair, former Lockheed scientist, has a diamond (the size of a postage stamp) that he claims was transmuted out of ordinary water. Dr. Edmond Storms, formerly of Los Alamos National Laboratories, told Mark: 'you triggered many kinds of very energetic nuclear reactions, not just fusion'. Edmond D. Pope, former Naval Intelligence officer, is an adviser to Mark’s company, NanoSpire. Mark claims his device costs just $250 to make, that it can be figured out just by reading his patents, and that he has had serious radiation poisoning from it twice."

Serge Lebid, the NanoSpire associate mentioned earlier, “liked” a comment I made mentioning the emails I was sending to the media.

Please, can everyone reading this send notification to mainstream media (in your own words) so that this can go viral?


5/20/12: What is my opinion? Thanks to the folks on the JREF forum, I realize that there are really several different parts to that question:

(1) Do I believe LeClair's story? No, I will not believe it unless and until there has been independent, scientific verification.

(2) How will I proceed? I refuse to invest my money in any unverified concepts. Other than that, I am open minded to all unverified concepts, and try to be completely unassuming.

(3) Do I hope LeClair's story is true? Absolutely. The other pages of my blog are about developing a state-of-the-art economic system designed from the ground up. Imagine what paradigm shifts in economics, materials, and energy could do for mankind.

It appears some people think LeClair's story may be a hoax, and that some of those people would rather his story just be ignored, but that would be a big mistake. LeClair is soliciting millions of dollars from investors. Take this story viral and the definitive truth will all come out, to the benefit of many people whatever the outcome.

6/20/12: Today I spoke with someone who attended and helped with the April 12, 2010 Naval Research Lab testing of LeClair's device, who gave responses to the following statements that were made by LeClair in the PESN article cited above:

(1) LeClair: "As far as the NRL group is concerned, we have already stated to New Energy Times that the experiment was rigged." The attendee flat out denies that any rigging occurred.

(2) LeClair (as to why NRL personnel did not get radiation sickness while LeClair did): "They all stood back away from the experiment while it ran and were not as exposed." The attendee does not think the relative distances of LeClair and the NRL personnel, from the device, was sufficient to cause LeClair to get sick while the NRL personnel did not.

It is generally good practice when considering investing in any company which is not publicly listed, to contact the securities commission for the state where the company is located, and inquire about the company before making an investment.

6/2/2014: Another desktop supernova?

Read my next article: Ed Pope's Forewarning. Future updates will be posted there.


  1. This is really an amazing discovery. I wish this crew alot of success, and hopefully, they'll be able to quell those radiation bursts!

    Cold fusion doesn't release that kind of radiation.

    But these transmutation effects seem to beat LENR. I hope they get some support for this research - and a safe environment to do it in.

  2. Did you ever climb a tree and walk out on a branch, then start cutting the tree limb between you and the tree trunk?

    NanoSpire cavitation device that puts out lots of radiation and only costs 250$ and a little time to construct out of household materials. Great, every home ought to have them (BOGO for Islamic terrorists).

  3. Please watch my video on Cavitation - Sonoluminescence and more:

  4. Excellent article. Is there any consensus on when the radioactive levels will allow the displaced population to return?Radiation badge.

  5. as an ex NAVY man i am fully aware of the destructive power of cavitation. during some phases of cavitation a glow or individual small bursts of light can be seen.even when fully immersed, propellers and pumping systems suffer damage to their surfaces . on the nano level a great deal of energy is in play.i have seen discoloration's and deposits on metal surfaces which i thought were minerals in the water. however these should be scoured off by the scrubbing effect of water. MARCS revelations now paint a much clearer picture. bravo